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Why Tonality Matters

When you meet people face to face, your body language helps massively.

On a call, your voice and tonality are the only body language you have.

Thereโ€™s much evidence that how you say things is more important than what you say.

Yet, itโ€™s not very easy to change how you say things.

Before we get into tips, be assured of one thing:

The BEST way to get better tonality is to practice more.

Practical Tips


The fastest way to annoy a prospect is by mismatching the volume.

If heโ€™s whispering, donโ€™t shout in their ears.

If theyโ€™re in the car shouting, donโ€™t whisper.


Even if they themselves sound a bit down, though, they donโ€™t sound negative.

The prospect should always be curious to talk to you.

Itโ€™s like you have bottled up enthusiasm.

Two simple ways to convey this are standing and smiling as you speak.


Sound sarcastic, aggressive or arrogant.

Humans are excellent emotion detectors; keep these out.

You should put prospects at ease, thatโ€™s when theyโ€™ll open up.


Other than practising, call listening and roleplays are second best.

Listen to your calls at least twice per week.

I use SecondBody to roleplay tough calls on my own and listen to how I sound.



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