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Why Problems

You probably focus your pitch on the benefits your product/service offers.

There are three issues with that:

  • Youโ€™ll sound like most salespeople
  • Humans are naturally sceptical of positive selling
  • Humans are wired to focus on negative information

In fact, according to both Negative Bias and Risk Aversion (more in Psychological Principles) humans are 2x as likely to prioritise fixing a problem than gaining a benefit.

Therefore, prospects are more likely to listen if you focus on their problems.

A crystal clear understanding of their problems is crucial to success.


Useful GPTs

If youโ€™re struggling to understand your ICP and their problems clearly, feel free to use these two GPTs (Chat GPT 4 is required).

For ICP creation:


For Problem Matrix Creation:


Pitch Example and Script

My clients are ambitious Founders of B2B SaaS who see a couple of obstacles to consistent growth:

For example, their sales process is not predictable, meaning they donโ€™t have a consistent pipeline of new opportunities.

Alternatively, they get plenty of meetings, but theyโ€™re not properly qualified for the problems they fix, resulting in endless chasing and heavy discounting to close deals.

I have a feeling youโ€™ll tell me youโ€™ve got the opposite problem; you couldnโ€™t handle one more client, and Iโ€™m barking up the wrong phone.

You may wonder why my pitch is not all about cold calling.

Thatโ€™s not the pressing, underlying problem โ€“ if youโ€™ve got plenty of well-qualified meetings, why the hell would you cold call?

Copy-pastable template:

Our clients are {qualifying adjective} {well-defined ICP} who see a couple of obstacles to {desired outcome}:

  • {Problem 1 + Consequence}
  • {Problem 2 + Consequence}
  • {Problem 3 + Consequence}

I have a feeling youโ€™ll tell me you have the opposite problem; {opposite problem, exaggerated}.



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