๐Ÿฅ‹ Prospect Responses on Cold Calls

Types of Responses

There are only a limited amount of responses the prospect will have to the pitch:

1. Positive

The (rarest) response. They will ask you to carry on or recognise one of the problems as their own.

You can move directly to:


More often than not, youโ€™ll get here later.

2. Objection

The prospect still has their guard up and doesnโ€™t trust you; youโ€™ll need to get there by dealing with their response:

Objections Wiki

For Recruiters:

Recruitment Objections Wiki

3. Question

The prospect is either curious or suspicious and aims to regain control of the conversation by asking you a question โ€“ typically quite bluntly.

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Qualifying Questions

Online Practice

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