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Step-by-Step list building with LinkedIn Navigator

Job Titles:

I usually sell to the big boss.

“Founder” OR “CEO” OR “Chief Executive Officer” OR “Managing Director” OR “General Manager”.

I used to have Owner and Partner. It turns out there are Talent Partners and Product Owners, so I eliminated them (or I could exclude the keywords).

I exclude Associate as Founder’s associate is a job title (who knew).


I typically work with B2B, the two main ones being SaaS and Recruitment.

For the sake of Navigator, I can use: “Software Development” AND “Staffing and Recruiting”; I can also consider “IT Services and Consulting”, etc.

Company Size:

I only work with underdogs, so mainly companies below 50 employees.


For me, the focus is either the UK or the USA, as it’s easier for me to cold call there.


Here, it gets interesting.

I realised that my most likely clients haven’t been in business too long, so I target people that have been in their role for 3-5 years.

Example below:


A trendy word these days on LinkedIn.

And with some merit.

Wouldn’t you prefer to know the most likely people to buy?

Navigator can help you with:

  • They’ve been mentioned in the news
  • They recently posted on LinkedIn
  • They follow your company
  • They visited your profile
  • They just changed jobs (more likely to want to make an impact)

With Clay, you can add things like:

  • Specific keywords on the website
  • Hiring (not just on LinkedIn)
  • Google Reviews
  • Website Traffic
  • G2 Reviews

And much more.

In any case, you’ve got your list now.

You’re probably thinking, how do I get in touch?


Until recently, you’d need to enrich with Cognism, Lusha, ZoomInfo, etc.

You can now enrich directly with Clay (although data is meh) OR

You can export directly the Navigator list and enrich it.

The list is then run through 5 different providers, and I currently get roughly 50% of correct mobiles.

This is done via FullEnrich, which is officially my new favourite toy.

And it costs a maximum of 50 cents per number.

One minor adjustment: if you call the UK, you may want to get Apollo removed from the waterfall; it’s dog 💩for numbers.

Alternatively, use one of the tools discussed above.

For more tips on tools, see: Tech Stack


Examples of building lists with Clay and LinkedIn Sales Nav are coming soon.

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